Southwest Georgia: Places to Explore


  • Columbus

    During the Civil War, Columbus supplied uniforms, weapons, and other goods to the Confederate army, making the city a prime target for Union troops. But it wasn't until April 16, 1865—a week after the war... Read more

  • Pine Mountain

    Pine Mountain Ridge is the last foothill of the Appalachian chain, and the town of Pine Mountain rests at the same elevation as Atlanta, making it generally cooler than the surrounding communities. The... Read more

  • Plains

    This rural farming town—originally named the Plains of Dura after the biblical story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—is the birthplace and current home of former president Jimmy Carter and his wife... Read more

  • Thomasville

    The early fortunes of this appealing small town in the Tallahassee Red Hills paralleled the rise and fall of the antebellum cotton plantations that lined the region's famed "Plantation Trace." Following... Read more

  • Warm Springs

    Renowned for centuries for the supposed healing properties of its thermal waters, Warm Springs is where the Creek Indians brought their wounded warriors when all other treatments had failed. In the early... Read more