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Savannah's nightlife has a lot in common with New Orleans. The humidity steams up everything, and you can take your drink outside with you, which adds a colorful quality to the street life after dark. Although Savannah's musical traditions may not run as deep as the Big Easy, there's no shortage of entertainment in the Hostess City, whether you're looking for a live band, a crowded dance floor, or any number of more laid-back options.

Congress Street and River Street have the highest concentrations of bars with live music, especially if you're looking for rock, heavy metal, or the blues. Many of the most popular dance clubs are scattered across the same area. If you're in the mood for something more sedate, there are plenty of chic enclaves known for their creative cocktails and cozy nooks that encourage intimate conversation.

As the old saying goes, "In Atlanta, they ask you what you do. In Macon, they ask what church you go to. And in Savannah, they ask you what you drink." But just because the city enjoys its liquor doesn't mean that there's nothing going on for those who'd rather not imbibe. There are coffee shops that serve up live music and film screenings, as well as arts venues offering theater, films, and comedy.

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