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Georgia Football

Locals can't get enough of Georgia football. They eat it for breakfast. Bobby Deen, son of Paula, may take a couple of days off from his busy schedule in September, but only to attend one of the first University of Georgia Bulldogs football games of the season.

If you want to make friends fast, express an interest in the Bulldogs—or "Dawgs," as they're better known in these parts. The famous mascot, nicknamed "Uga," hails from a line of white bulldogs that has been owned since the 1950s by Savannah resident Sonny Seiler. Once an attorney so prominent that he was featured in Hollywood's adaptation of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, he is a local celebrity in his own right. And don't be surprised if your waiter raises the sleeve of his T-shirt to show you his symbolic University of Georgia tattoo—"One big G!"

Speaking of stars, Michael Douglas endeared himself to an already adoring crowd at a Savannah Film Festival event a few years ago when his first comment was to acknowledge that the Dawgs had just won a close game—while the crowd had been watching that night's film. Cheers went up!

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