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Park Amenities

Baby Care: The baby-care center at Odyssey Center in Future World has rocking chairs and low lighting. The center sells formula, baby food, pacifiers, and disposable diapers. Changing tables are available here, as well as in all women's and some men's restrooms.

Cameras: Disposable cameras and memory cards are widely available, and you can use the Disney Photopass Service to gather memories throughout the park. Other photo services are available at the Imagination! pavilion.

First Aid: Staffed by registered nurses, first aid is in the Odyssey Center. More than a dozen automated external defibrillators are located across the park.

Guest Relations : To the right of the ticket windows at the park entrance and to the left of Spaceship Earth inside the park, this is the place to pick up schedules and maps. You also can get maps at the park's International Gateway entrance and most shops. Guest Relations will also assist with dining reservations, ticket upgrades, and services for guests with disabilities.

Lockers: Lockers ($7 and $9, with $5 refundable deposit) are at the International Gateway and to the west of Spaceship Earth. Coin-operated lockers also are at the bus information center by the bus parking lot.

Lost People and Things: Instruct children to speak to someone with a Disney name tag if you become separated. Guest Relations has a computerized message center for contacting companions in any of the parks.

Epcot Lost and Found. Located in the Guest Relations lobby east of Spaceship Earth. Future World, Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830. 407/560–7500.

Main Lost and Found office. After one day, all articles are sent here. Ticket and Transportation Center [TTC], Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830. 407/824–4245.

Package Pick-Up: Ask shop clerks to forward large purchases to Package Pick-Up at the ift Stop in the Entrance Plaza and at the World Traveler at International Gateway. Allow three hours for delivery. You also can have packages sent to your Disney hotel.

Services for People with Disabilities: Accessibility standards are high. Many attractions and most restaurants and shops are fully wheelchair accessible. There are large Braille park maps at Guest Relations in Future World and International Gateway as well as to the left of the walkway from Future World to the World Showcase Plaza.

At Guest Relations there's a schedule for sign-language presentations at some of the park attractions; you also can pick up special devices for hearing- and sight-impaired visitors.

At World Showcase most people stroll around the promenade, but there are also Friendship boats, which require visitors using oversize wheelchairs or scooters to transfer to Disney chairs.

You can rent wheelchairs at the gift stop outside the main entrance, at the Stroller & Wheelchair Rental Shop to the left of Spaceship Earth, or at the International Gateway. A limited number of electronic convenience vehicles (ECV) are available only at the Stroller & Wheelchair Rental.

Wheelchairs are $12 daily, $10 for multiday rental. ECVs are $50 per day plus a refundable $20 security deposit. Arrive early, because neither conveyance can be reserved.

Stroller Rentals: You can rent strollers on the east side of the Entrance Plaza and at the International Gateway. Singles are $15 daily, $13 for multiday rental; doubles cost $31 daily, $27 for multiple days. Even preschoolers will be glad for a stroller in this large park.

Park Tours

Backstage Magic. This tour begins at Epcot and continues to the Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and several behind-the-scenes areas, including the resort's nursery and tree farm. The cost for the seven-hour tour is $229 per person (16 and older only). Tours depart at 9 am on weekdays. The fee includes lunch but does not include park admission, which isn't required for the tour itself. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Keep Moving Forward: See the World, Share the Dream. You travel through the World Showcase via Segway on this two-hour guided tour (ages 16 and up only). The price for the daily tour (at 8:30, 9, or 9:30 am) is $99; park admission required. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Dolphins in Depth. At 9:45 am Dolphins in Depth ($194, neither park admission nor diving certification required) guides escort you from Epcot Guest Relations outside the main park entrance. Tours run Tuesday through Saturday and last about three hours. Participants must be 13 or older; a parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under 18. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Epcot Divequest. On the three-hour Epcot Divequest ($175, park admission not required or included) at the Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion, you spend 40 minutes in the mammoth aquarium under the supervision of a master diver. The tours take place Tuesday through Saturday in the afternoon. Guests 10 and up must have open-water adult scuba certification; children under 17 must dive with a parent or legal guardian. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Epcot Seas Aqua Tour. For this tour ($140, no park admission required or included) you wear a flotation device and diving gear, but you remain on the water's surface. Anyone age 8 and older can join the tour (those ages 8–12 must be with a parent or legal guardian). Tours are limited to 12 guests, meet Tuesday through Saturday, and run about 2½ hours, with 30 minutes in the water. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Gardens of the World Tour. Take this three-hour tour ($60, plus park admission) to see the World Showcase's realistic replicas of exotic plantings up close. Tours run on select days during the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival from early to mid-March through late May. For ages 16 and up. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Nature-Inspired Design. This three-hour "land-sea-air" adventure showcases how nature is incorporated into the Epcot pavilions and attractions. A visit with life-support scientists at The Seas with Nemo & Friends, a greenhouse tour, and other behind-the-scenes opportunities are combined with a glide on Soarin' and a backstage ride on the Segway X-2 Personal Transporter. Tour days vary; cost is $124 (16 and older). Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

UnDISCOVERed Future World. This tour ($55, plus park admission) leaves at 9 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Guest Relations at the main entrance. The four-hour behind-the-scenes walk for guests 16 and older covers all Future World pavilions and some VIP lounges and backstage areas including the Epcot marina where IllumiNations fireworks floats are docked. Epcot, Walt Disney World, FL, 32830.

Epcot by Boat

Epcot is a big place at 305 acres; a local joke suggests that the acronym actually stands for "Every Person Comes Out Tired." But still, the most efficient way to get around is to walk.

To vary things, you can cruise across the lagoon in an air-conditioned, 65-foot water taxi. Also called Friendship Boats, they depart every 12 minutes from two World Showcase Plaza docks at the border of Future World.

The boat closer to Mexico zips to a dock by the Germany pavilion; the one closer to Canada heads to Morocco. You may have to stand in line to board, however.

Visiting Tips

Epcot is so vast and varied that you really need two days to explore. With just one day, you'll have to be highly selective.

Go early in the week, when others are at Magic Kingdom.

If you like a good festival, visit during the International Flower & Garden Festival (early to mid-March through May) or the International Food & Wine Festival (late September through mid-November).

Once through the turnstiles at either the main Future World entrance or the back World Showcase entrance, make a beeline for the popular Mission: SPACE and Test Track (for fast-paced thrills) or the Seas with Nemo & Friends and Soarin' (for family fun). Or get a Fastpass and return later.