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Ages 7 and Up

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. On this superwild coaster, you select the soundtrack.

MEN IN BLACK: Alien Attack. The "world's first ride-through video game" gives you a chance to compete for points by plugging away at an endless swarm of aliens.

Revenge of the Mummy. It's a jarring, rocketing indoor coaster that takes you past scary mummies and billowing balls of fire (really).

Shrek 4-D. The 3-D film with sensory effects picks up where the original film left off—and adds some creepy extras in the process.

The Simpsons Ride. It puts you in the heart of Springfield on a wild-and-crazy virtual-reality experience.

Terminator 2: 3-D. This explosive stage show features robots, 3-D effects, and sensations that all add extra punch to the classic film series.

Twister . . . Ride It Out. Okay, it's just a special-effects show—but what special effects! You experience a tornado without having to head to the root cellar.

Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show. This sometimes gross, often raunchy, but always entertaining demonstration merges the best of stand-up comedy with creepy effects.

Ages 6 and Under

Animal Actors on Location! It's a perfect family show starring a menagerie of animals whose unusually high IQs are surpassed only by their cuteness and cuddle-ability.

Curious George Goes to Town. The celebrated simian visits the Man with the Yellow Hat in a small-scale water park.

A Day in the Park with Barney. Small children love the big purple dinosaur and the chance to sing along.