The Florida Keys: Places to Explore


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Map of The Florida Keys
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Map of The Florida Keys
  • Bahia Honda Key

    All of Bahia Honda Key is devoted to its eponymous state park, which keeps it in a pristine state. Besides the park's outdoor activities, it offers an up-close look at the original railroad bridge.... Read more

  • Big Pine Key

    Welcome to the Keys' most natural hold out, where wildlife refuges protect rare and endangered animals. Here you've left behind the commercialism of the Upper Keys for an authentic backcountry atmosphere... Read more

  • Conch Key

    This stretch of islands ranges from rustic fishing village to boating elite. Fishing dominates the economy, and many residents are descendants of immigrants from the mainland South. Across a causeway from... Read more

  • Dry Tortugas National Park

    History buffs might remember long-deactivated Fort Jefferson as the prison that held Dr. Samuel Mudd for his role in the Lincoln assassination. But today's "guests" are much more captivated by this sanctuary's... Read more

  • Duck Key

    Duck Key holds one of the region's nicest marina resorts, Hawks Cay, plus a boating-oriented residential community.... Read more

  • Grassy Key

    Local lore has it that this sleepy little key was named not for its vegetation—mostly native trees and shrubs—but for an early settler by the name of Grassy. The key is inhabited primarily by a few families... Read more

  • Islamorada

    Early settlers named this key after their schooner, Island Home, but to make it sound more romantic they translated it into Spanish: Isla Morada. The chamber of commerce prefers to use its literal translation... Read more

  • Key Largo

    The first of the Upper Keys reachable by car, 30-mile-long Key Largo is also the largest island in the chain. Key Largo—named Cayo Largo ("Long Key") by the Spanish—makes a great introduction to the region... Read more

  • Key West

    Situated 150 miles from Miami, 90 miles from Havana, and an immeasurable distance from sanity, this end-of-the-line community has never been like anywhere else. Even after it was connected to the rest... Read more

  • Little Torch Key

    Little Torch Key and its neighbor islands, Ramrod Key and Summerland Key, are good jumping-off points for divers headed for Looe Key Reef. The islands also serve as a refuge for those who want to make... Read more

  • Long Key

    Long Key isn't a tourist hot spot, making it a favorite destination for those looking to avoid the masses and enjoy some ecological history in the process.... Read more

  • Marathon

    Marathon is a bustling town, at least compared with other communities in the Keys. As it leaves something to be desired in the charm department, Marathon will probably not be your first choice of places... Read more