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  • Orlando Top Attractions

    Disney's most visited theme park welcomes you with a barbershop quartet serenade and the fragrance of fresh-baked cookies. Cinderella Castle... Read more

  • If You Like

    Many people love high-speed launches and stomach-churning multiple inversions. Simulator rides that produce similar results are just as popular.... Read more

  • Great Itineraries

    If you’re like most visitors to Orlando, you’ve come for a theme park (or two or three). But if you need a break from them, have people in your... Read more

  • Orlando Weddings and Honeymoons

    Orlando and its theme parks have become increasingly popular shower, wedding, and honeymoon destinations. The area appeals to starry-eyed Gen Y... Read more

  • Orlando Golf Courses

    The International Association of Golf Tour Operators has recognized Orlando as a top golf destination. There are more than 170 golf courses and 20... Read more

  • Seasonal and Holiday Events

    If you've been to Orlando and its parks and enjoyed the top attractions at least once, consider a special trip around one of the many festivals and... Read more

  • Tips for Senior Citizens

    People 65 and older who are vibrant and active are more likely to characterize themselves by family or interest (solo travelers, couples on a... Read more

  • Tips For People with Disabilities

    The theme parks have many amenities and services for people with mobility issues or vision or hearing impairments. Park information centers can... Read more

  • Orlando Theme Park Itineraries

    The baseline is a day for every theme park you visit, plus two travel days. To have a rich, full experience in all six of the Disney and Universal... Read more

  • Tipping in Orlando

    Whether they carry bags, deliver food, or clean rooms, hospitality workers rely on tips to help them earn a living. Although you'll ultimately base... Read more

  • Orlando Discounts and Deals

    DIS. Though Disney doesn't always publicize it, it does offer many of its own discounts and promotions, all of which the independent website DIS... Read more

  • What Should We See and Do?

    For a happy, low-stress trip, cater to your kids' desires. That doesn't mean buying or doing everything they want, but it does mean being mindful of... Read more

  • When Should We Go?

    Let's be honest: there is no "empty" time at Orlando's theme parks. Crowds thin in January, after New Year's, and stay reasonable until around... Read more

  • How Much Will We Spend?

    If you're traveling to Orlando, be prepared to spend and spend—and spend some more. Even if you get great deals on transportation and hotel, your... Read more

  • Top Non-Theme-Park Reasons to Go to Orlando

    Liberal Arts: Orlando's theaters host symphony orchestras, Broadway road shows, and local thespians—from the Shakespearean to the progressive.... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to Orlando

    Walt Disney World: Quite simply, the magic of the Disney parks touches all who visit. Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios... Read more

  • Top Spas in Orlando

    If you hit the ground running after arriving in Orlando, at some point you may need to shift your pace from "fast forward" to "pause." If so, head... Read more

  • Popular Chain Restaurants in Orlando

    When all you want is a quick bite, consider these chain restaurants. They seem to crop up everywhere, and all have tables where you can sit for a... Read more

  • Babysitting in Orlando

    If you're staying in a room, suite, or condo and need to rent baby equipment, such as a stroller, bassinet, high chair, or even pool toys, call... Read more

  • Central Florida Art

    There are a surprising number of world-class art museums in Central Florida—from Orlando and Winter Park to St. Petersburg and Sarasota; from... Read more

  • History You Can See

    A long history, from early Native American occupants through Spanish, French, and British settlers, has left indelible marks on Central Florida.... Read more


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