Taxi Travel


Taxi Travel

Taxis are easy to hail in commercial districts, less so in residential ones. If you don't see one after a few minutes, walk to a busier street; if you call, make sure to have an address—not just an intersection—and be prepared to wait, especially at night. D.C. cabs are independent operators and the various companies' cars all have a different look, some better than others! If you're traveling to or from Maryland or Virginia, your best bet is to call a Maryland or Virginia cab, which generally are more reliable. But they're not allowed to take you from point to point in the District or pick you up there if you hail them, so don't be offended if one passes you by.


The base rate for the first one-eighth mile is $3. Each additional one-eighth mile is 27¢, and each and each minute stopped or traveling at less than 10 mph is 42¢. There is a 50¢ surcharge per large piece of luggage in the trunk, but no charge for additional passengers unless the vehicle is a van. During D.C.-declared snow emergencies, there is an additional $15 fee. Maryland taxis charge $4 for the first ¼ mile and $.50 for each successive ¼ mile, plus $1 surcharge for each additional passenger. Virginia cabs charge $2.75 for the first one-sixth mile, 30¢ for each one-sixth mile thereafter, plus $1 surcharge for each additional passenger.

Taxi Companies

Barwood. (Maryland) 301/984–1900.

Diamond (202/387–6200.)

Mayflower (202/783–1111.)

Red Top. (Virginia) 703/522–3333.

Yellow (202/544–1212.)

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