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    A Very Bad Experience

    My boyfriend and I stayed at the Kalorama Guest House last July and unfortunately we had a terrible experience. We arrived in DC later than expected and realized that we had left our reservation information at home. We weren't even sure which of the two guest houses we were supposed to be staying at. I called information and got the number. When I explained the situation to the operator, she was kind and helpful and told us which guest house we were to go to and that a key would be left for us near the door. We arrived and obtained the key and let ourselves into our room. Wonderful! Or so we thought. After putting our luggage into our room, we went out for dinner. When we returned (around 10pm), we found what can only be called an angry note under our door. It turned out that we were supposed to be at the other Kalorama Guest House (the one in Adams Morgan, not in Woodley Park). According to the note, we had "stolen" the room from the visitors for whom it was actually being held. The tone of the note was angry and accusatory. Neither of us knew what to make of this. There was no one around in the guest house at that time with whom to speak, so we went to bed. The following morning, as we were checking out, the manager made a reference to what had happened. We tried to explain about the mix up. I was asked to write down exactly what had happened (the conversation with the guest house operator, etc.). I wrote a lengthy description, explaining how badly we felt we had been treated. We paid and checked out. I assumed that at some point, the person or persons in charge of the hotel would read my written statement and contact me, at least to apologize. It is a small establishment, after all. Surely they would not want to alienate their clientele. Unfortunately, I never heard from anyone. The entire experience was upsetting and unnecessary. Obviously, we will never stay at the Kalorama Guest House again.

    by orangecats, 3/1/07

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