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Yosemite National Park Restaurant Reviews

Yosemite National Park has a couple of moderately priced restaurants in lovely (which almost goes without saying) settings: the Mountain Room at Yosemite Lodge and Wawona Hotel's dining room. The Ahwahnee Hotel provides one of the finest dining experiences in the country.

Otherwise, food service is geared toward satisfying the masses as efficiently as possible. Yosemite Lodge's food court is the valley's best lower-cost, hot-food option; Curry Village Pavilion's cafeteria-style offerings are overpriced and usually fairly bland. In Valley Village, the Village Grill whips up burgers and fries, Degnan's Deli has $6–$8 made-to-order sandwiches, and Loft Pizzeria has a chaletlike open dining area in which you can enjoy pizza, salads, and desserts until 9 pm.

The White Wolf Lodge and Tuolumne Meadows Lodge—both off Tioga Road and therefore guaranteed open only from early June through September—have small restaurants where meals are competently prepared. Tuolumne Meadows also has a grill, as does the store at Glacier Point. During the ski season you’ll also find one at Badger Pass, off Glacier Point Road.

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