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Top 5 Reasons to Go to the Waterfront

Ferry Building: Join locals eyeing luscious produce and foods prepared by some of the city's best chefs at San Francisco's premier farmers' market on Saturday morning.

Hyde Street Pier: Sing sea chanteys and raise the sails aboard the gorgeously restored 19th-century square-rigged ship Balclutha, then hit Buena Vista for an Irish coffee.

Alcatraz: Go from a scenic bay tour to "the hole"—solitary confinement in absolute darkness—while inmates and guards tell you stories about what life was really like on the Rock.

F-line: Grab a polished wooden seat aboard one of the city's lovingly restored vintage streetcars and clatter down the tracks toward the Ferry Building's spire.

Musée Mécanique: Take a pocketful of quarters and enter this arcade of vintage machines.

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