Redwood National Park Experience


Top Reasons to Go to Redwood National Park

Giant trees: These mature coastal redwoods are the tallest trees in the world.

Hiking to the sea: The park's trails wind through majestic redwood groves, and many connect to the Coastal Trail running along the western edge of the park.

Rare wildlife: Mighty Roosevelt elk favor the park's flat prairie and open lands; seldom-seen black bears roam the backcountry; trout and salmon leap through streams; and Pacific gray whales swim along the coast during their biannual migrations.

Stepping back in time: Hike Fern Canyon Trail and explore a prehistoric scene of lush vegetation and giant ferns.

Cheeps, not beeps: Amid the majestic redwoods you're out of range for cell-phone service—and in range for the soothing sounds of warblers and burbling creeks.

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