Getting Around the Napa Valley in Napa Valley


Getting Around the Napa Valley

From San Francisco there are two main routes into the Napa Valley, both getting you there in a little less than an hour in normal traffic. You can head north across the Golden Gate Bridge and U.S. 101, east on Highway 37 and then Highway 121, and north on Highway 29; or east across the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge and north on Interstate 80, west on Highway 37, and north on Highway 29.

Highway 29, the Napa Valley Highway, heads north from Vallejo first as a busy four-lane highway, then narrows to a two-lane road at Yountville. Beyond Yountville, expect Highway 29 to be congested, especially on summer weekends. Traveling through St. Helena can be particularly slow during morning and afternoon rush hours. You'll probably find slightly less traffic on the Silverado Trail, which roughly parallels Highway 29 all the way from Napa to Calistoga. Cross streets connect the two like rungs on a ladder every few miles, making it easy to cross from one to the other.


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