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    worst "fill in the blank" ever

    this is my first review and of course it has to be on a horrible horrible experience. my bday, first time ever getting a VIP table.. my friends all on the guest-list. we were practically the first ones in line. ladies on guest-list supposed to be free before 1030.. not the case.. they charged my friends full price $20 to get in. said they didn't know anything about a guest-list. Then when I go to get my table they said I needed a 4 table minimum because of all the people. Then instead of giving us a cabana, they tried to sit us on this dinky lawn chair looking thing which was right in the front of the club. All of a sudden, the cabanas are a 2 bottle minimum. The lady who was handling everything said we should be grateful that we were even able to get what we got, and even referred to herself as "GOD" because she counted the number of people in the group. Also she said all of the tables are pretty much filled up. Well needless to say they weren't... maybe 2 other people in the club got bottle service. Me and my friends practically were sitting on like 4 tables... which meant i didn't have to spend 5hundred for the baby bottle of patron, for horrendous service and the worst headache ever. The whole place smelled like weeed which is hella tacky. I even renamed it club weeed. The place is way too packed and they say to dress trendy but you can go in wearing baggy t-shirts or anything you want really. They pick and choose who they want to go in but the place sucks, let’s be honest. The music inside is old gangster rap and when a good new song comes in, they play like 1/3 of it. The outside music is pretty cool, ranges from 80's to new music but it's just too much variety from one song to the next. All of the staff treat you like you're krap and you're supposed to know everything. They even make a killing off of the DD's charging for coke and water. They don't care about how people get home as long as you make it out of the club. To top it all off, I set my camera down because some drinks were spilled on the table. No one was really paying attention to where my camera was. Some guy came by and just wrapped up the whole table cloth with my camera in it. There’s no way he did it by accident. That guy took advantage of a hectic situation. When we went back to the parking structure I realized I didn't have my camera. I went back down to see if I could look for it and the bouncer said to talk to security. I was trying to be as nice as I could but being nice doesn't count for shyt in Hollywood. The security guy or whatever... in his late 40's, steroid abuse looking fellow was so rude about it. All he was worried about was which skank was trashed enough to take home. Didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. He just kept telling me to call in on Monday and they would have it. To top it all off, the guy who I was sure who took my camera was standing there the whole time listening to me with a smug look on his face. The bouncer even kept telling him to just give me back my camera. I don’t know if they were being natural jackasses or if someone was telling the truth. I wait until Monday; I call in hoping to talk to someone with reason. Some lady who sounded as if she just woke up at 11am picked up the phone already with attitude. I explained the situation; she asked why I waited to call and then said there was nothing in lost and found. I guess she would know "IF" she worked in lost and found but she didn't even say she was going to look. She didn't want to take down any info cuz I’m sure she's sure that it'll never be found. She even assured me none of the staff would've taken my camera. My bday pics and everything else was lost and they didn't give a dam. I shelled out money for something I didn't have to. They treated VIP’s like sob's. Go to this club is you like being verbally abused. Def don't take people here if you want to impress them. If you hate someone, tell them to go to this club and Monday you'll have a smile on your face cuz you'll know they were treated like shyt.

    by bbatman81, 9/15/08

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