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  • Los Angeles Today

    Starstruck... excessive... smoggy... superficial.... There's a modicum of truth to each of the adjectives regularly applied to L.A. But... Read more

  • Top Los Angeles Attractions

    "The Happiest Place on Earth" continues to delight children and all but the most cynical adults. A visit here can be enchanting, exciting,... Read more

  • Top Los Angeles Experiences

    Hordes of tourists descend on Los Angeles each year with visions of seeing stars—of the Hollywood Boulevard and celebrity variety that is—but... Read more

  • Los Angeles's Best Museums

    Despite its long-standing reputation as a second-rate art capital after New York, Los Angeles easily vies for the top spot when it comes to its... Read more

  • Los Angeles with Kids

    With seemingly endless sunny days, Angeleno kids almost never have to play indoors. There are a few things to keep in mind, however, when navigating... Read more

  • Great Architecture in Los Angeles

    Sorry, New York, you may offer the best of the best in other categories, but when it comes to groundbreaking new architecture, Los Angeles takes the... Read more

  • Sports in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is a serious sports city, with many of its professional and college teams in playoffs. It's a great way to hang with the locals—if you... Read more

  • Hitting the Road

    Considering that the greater L.A. area sprawls over more square mileage than some small countries, it comes as no surprise that residents clock a... Read more

  • Outdoor Pursuits

    Although Los Angeles's car culture is well-publicized, its bike culture is a little more under-the-radar, but that is not to say there isn't a... Read more

  • Seeing Stars

    A surefire way to see stars (or at least the constellation they call home) is by purchasing a star map from vendors on street corners around the... Read more

  • Eye-Popping Views

    Perch yourself high above Hollywood Hills and have a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. Choose your soundtrack from a lineup of rock concerts sponsored by... Read more

  • Free and Almost Free

    Even in this town—where money seems to ooze from every hill and corner—there are plenty of fun things to do that are free and appeal to everyone... Read more

  • Best Gardens and Zoos

    Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, Los Angeles can simulate a host of other environments ranging from lush tropical to bone-dry desert. So forgo... Read more

  • L.A.'s Best Beaches

    You're in L.A., so seeing the coast is a must. Before you pack your picnic, do some planning and pick a beach that suits your needs. The Pacific... Read more

  • L.A.'s Best Farmers' Markets

    A great way to get a taste of Southern California's bounty is to visit its farmers' markets, where hundreds of family farmers, sustainable ranchers,... Read more

  • Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive

    The hills that separate Hollywood from the Valley are more than a symbolic dividing line between the city slickers and the suburbanites; the hills... Read more

  • Spa Specialists in Los Angeles

    In a city where image is everything, spas are urban sanctuaries, but they’re also places of pampering and rejuvenating for those willing to pay... Read more

  • Los Angeles Lodging Alternatives

    For your trip to Los Angeles, you may want a beachfront location and more space than a typical hotel can provide. Some travelers consider apartment... Read more

  • L.A. Local Food Chains

    It's said that the drive-in burger joint was invented in L.A., probably to meet the demands of an ever-mobile car culture. Burger aficionados... Read more


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