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Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive

The hills that separate Hollywood from the Valley are more than a symbolic dividing line between the city slickers and the suburbanites; the hills have a community in their own right and a reputation as a bohemian artists' hideaway for those who have been fortunate enough to make a living at their creative pursuits.

The 2002 movie Laurel Canyon provided one view of the lifestyle of one kind of Canyon dweller—freethinking entertainment-industry movers and shakers who seek a peaceful refuge in their tree-shaded homes. By day they're churning out business deals and working on projects; by night they're living it up with private parties high above the bustle of the city streets.

Though you may not get to see all the goings-on inside these homes, you can use your imagination as you take a drive through Laurel Canyon and pass estates and party pads dating back to the silent film era. If you have time to cruise Mulholland Drive, you'll get breathtaking views that can help take you away from the city's relentless pulse.

Updated: 2014-07-24

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