Getting Here and Around in Yuma


Getting Here and Around

AZ 8 runs through Yuma, which is approximately halfway between Casa Grande and the California coast. Most of the interesting historic sights are at the north end of town. Stop in at the Yuma Convention and Visitors Bureau, on the grounds of Quartermaster Depot State Park, and pick up a walking-tour guide to the historic downtown area. The town's largest shopping center, Yuma Palms, sits just to the east side of U.S. 8 (at the 16th Street exit). More than a half dozen modern hotels—the most convenient choices for lodging—are a stone's throw from here.

Yuma is accessible by two commercial airlines: US Airways has direct flights to Yuma from Phoenix and United Express flies nonstop from Los Angeles to Yuma.

Yuma City Cab has the best taxi service in Yuma.

Amtrak trains run three times a week from Tucson west to Yuma.


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