If You Have 2 Days in Navajo Nation East


If You Have 2 Days

If you're just driving through the area on your way across the state, you might start off in Window Rock. On your first day, visit Canyon de Chelly. On the second, set out for the Hopi Mesas, stopping along the way at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, and, perhaps, Keams Canyon Trading Post for a midmorning snack. If you're headed next toward the Grand Canyon, continue toward the Hopi Mesas and into Tuba City, with its excellent Explore Navajo Interactive Museum.

If You Have 5 Days

If you plan to spend a bit more time exploring the region after a trip to the Grand Canyon, head north on U.S. 89 on your first day to Tuba City. Along the way, stop by Cameron Trading Post for a light lunch and some shopping. Explore Tuba City and relax here for the night at the impressive Moenkopi Legacy Inn, which was developed by the Hopi Tribe. On the second day, head east at Moenkopi on AZ 264 for the Hopi Mesas. Fill your tank before you leave, since Tuba City is the last stop for gas before the mesas. Have lunch at the Hopi Cultural Center, then return to Tuba City and head northeast on U.S. 160 toward Kayenta, where you can spend your second night. Get up early the next day to visit the Navajo National Monument, hiking to Betatakin or Keet Seel pueblo (remember to make reservations in advance). Spend your third night at the lodge at The View Hotel beside the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park visitor center. The next day, explore Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, and then take U.S. 160 north to U.S. 191 and head south for Chinle, a good base for touring Canyon de Chelly.


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