North-Central Arizona: Places to Explore


  • Flagstaff

    Few travelers slow down long enough to explore Flagstaff, a town of 54,000 known locally as "Flag"; most stop only to spend the night at one of the town's many motels before making the last leg of the trip... Read more

  • Jerome

    Jerome was once known as the Billion Dollar Copper Camp, but after the last mines closed in 1953 the booming population of 15,000 dwindled to 50 determined souls. Although its population has risen back... Read more

  • Prescott

    In a forested bowl 5,300 feet above sea level, Prescott is a prime summer refuge for Phoenix-area dwellers. It was proclaimed the first capital of the Arizona Territory in 1864 and settled by Yankees to... Read more

  • Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon

    It's easy to see what draws so many people to Sedona. Red-rock buttes—Cathedral Rock, Bear Mountain, Courthouse Rock, and Bell Rock, among others—reach up into an almost always blue sky, and both colors... Read more

  • Side Trips near Flagstaff

    Travelers heading straight through town bound for the Grand Canyon often neglect the area north and east of Flagstaff, but a detour has its rewards. If you don't have time to do everything, take a quick... Read more

  • Verde Valley

    Often overlooked by travelers on trips to Sedona or Flagstaff, the Verde Valley offers several enjoyable diversions, including wine tasting in Cornville and the historical wonders at Montezuma Castle and... Read more