Hiking in Yukon–Charley Rivers National Preserve



Alaska Public Lands Information Center. The center has detailed information about the trails in the Yukon–Charley Rivers National Preserve. AK. 907/459–3730.

Circle-Fairbanks Historic Trail. The trail stretches 58 miles from the vicinity of Cleary Summit to Twelve-Mile Summit. This route, which is not for novices, follows the old summer trail used by gold miners; in winter they generally used the frozen Chatanika River to make this journey. The trail has been roughly marked and cleared, but there are no facilities and water is often scarce. Most of the trail is on state land, but it does cross valid mining claims that must be respected. Although you'll find rock cairns and mileposts while hiking, no well-defined tread exists, so it's easy to become disoriented. The State Department of Natural Resources strongly recommends that backpackers on this trail equip themselves with the following USGS topographical maps: Livengood (A-1), Circle (A-6), Circle (A-5), and Circle (B-4). AK.

Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail. The Bureau of Land Management maintains the Pinnell Mountain National Recreation Trail, connecting Twelve-Mile Summit and Eagle Summit on the Steese Highway. This 27-mile-long trail passes through alpine meadows and along mountain ridges, all above the tree line. It has two emergency shelters with water catchment systems, although no dependable water supply is available in the immediate vicinity. This is not a trip for novice hikers; most hikers spend three days making the traverse. The BLM has a free downloadable trail map; it's also recommended that you get U.S. Geographic Survey 15-minute topographic maps Circle B-3, Circle B-4, Circle C-3, and Circle C-4. AK. blm.gov/ak.

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