Hiking in Chena Hot Springs



Granite Tors Trail. The Granite Tors Trail, a 15-mi loop, can be done in a day, and offers a view of the upper Chena Valley and an opportunity to see dramatic "tors" (fingers of rock protruding through grassy meadow) that are reminiscent of the moai monuments of Easter Island. The trail is steep, but the views at the top make the climb worthwhile. Although the Interior landscapes lack the impressive mountain views of other parts of the state, the enormous expanse of rolling hills and seemingly endless tracts of forest are every bit as awe-inspiring. However, since there are no mountains here to collect snow and contribute to the water table, water sources along the way are unreliable. Bring a couple of quarts of water per person, plus mosquito repellent. Hiking uphill on a hot summer day is dehydrating. Also, weather is fickle here, and a bright, sunny morning can easily turn into an overcast, rainy, and windy afternoon. Come with adequate clothing, including rain gear, no matter how promising the skies look in the morning. A shorter hike is the 3.5-mi Angel Rocks Trail, near the eastern boundary of the area. AK.

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