The Interior Features


The Interior Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Gold-rush heritage: The frontier spirit of the richest gold rush in Alaska remains alive in Fairbanks. From exploring dredges to panning for gold... Read more

  • Celestial Rays of Light: Aurora Borealis

    The light show often begins simply, as a pale yellow-green luminous band that arches across Alaska's night sky. Sometimes the band will quickly... Read more

  • Alaska Highway History

    It's hard to overestimate the importance of the Alaska Highway in the state's history. Before World War II there was no road connection between... Read more

  • Renewable Energy

    Don't feel guilty about leaving on the lights at Chena Hot Springs Resort; most of the energy is geothermal. Since July 2006 the resort has been... Read more

  • Flightseeing in Alaska

    The menacing face of glacier ice, lighted by an eerie blue sheen, looked close enough to touch if we could open our helicopter window. Frank... Read more