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  • Top Reasons to Go

    Gold-rush heritage: The frontier spirit of the richest gold rush in Alaska remains alive in Fairbanks. From exploring dredges to panning for gold,... Read more

  • Celestial Rays of Light: Aurora Borealis

    The light show often begins simply, as a pale yellow-green luminous band that arches across Alaska's night sky. Sometimes the band will quickly fade... Read more

  • Alaska Highway History

    It's hard to overestimate the importance of the Alaska Highway in the state's history. Before World War II there was no road connection between the... Read more

  • Renewable Energy

    Don't feel guilty about leaving on the lights at Chena Hot Springs Resort; most of the energy is geothermal. Since July 2006 the resort has been... Read more

  • Flightseeing in Alaska

    The menacing face of glacier ice, lighted by an eerie blue sheen, looked close enough to touch if we could open our helicopter window. Frank, our... Read more


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