Getting Here and Around in Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve


Getting Here and Around

The park is accessible from Alaska's highway system, via one of two gravel roads. The unpaved Nabesna Road leaves the Glenn Highway–Tok Cutoff at the village of Slana and takes you 45 miles into the park's northern foothills. The better-known route is McCarthy Road, which stretches 60 miles as it follows an old railroad bed from Chitina to the Kennicott River. Before setting out on McCarthy Road, make sure both you and your car are prepared. Your car should be equipped with a working jack and a properly inflated spare tire, or else potholes, old railroad ties, and occasional railroad spikes may leave you stranded. At the end of the road you must park and cross the river via a footbridge.

Limited services are available in the end-of-the-road town of McCarthy. Facilities include guest lodges, a B&B, and a restaurant. There's no gas station or post office.


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