Hiking in Seward



Caines Head Trail. The Caines Head Trail allows easy, flat hiking along the coast, but a large portion of the hike is over tidal mudflats, so care must be taken to time the hike correctly—with tides here running in the 10- to 20-foot range, bad planning isn't just a case of getting your feet wet. It's officially advised that the trail be hiked only when there's a "plus 4-foot tide or greater" in summer. The trail is 4.5 mi, starting from Lowell Point, and two cabins can be rented (call ahead to book) at Derby Cove and Callisto Canyon. Seward, AK. 877/444–6777.

Lost Lake/Primrose Trail. The Lost Lake/Primrose Trail is a 16-mi end-to-end loop through spruce forests and up into the high alpine area. The Lost Lake trailhead is near Mile 5 of the Seward Highway, and the other end is at the Primrose campground at Mile 17. The trails are steep and usually snow-covered through late June, but the views along the Lost Lake valley are worth the climb. Above the tree line you're in mountain-goat country—look for white, blocky figures perched on the precarious cliffs. The lake is a prime spot for rainbow trout fishing. As usual, be bear aware. The Dale Clemens cabin, at Mile 4.5 from the Lost Lake trailhead, has propane heat and a stunning view of Resurrection Bay. Cabins must be booked in advance. Seward, AK. 877/444–6777.

For a comprehensive listing of all the trails, cabins, and campgrounds in the Seward Ranger District of Chugach National Forest, check the website of the U.S. Forest Service.

Mt. Marathon Race. The race, run on July 4th since 1915 and Seward's biggest event, attracts runners and spectators from near and far, and the entire town comes out to celebrate. The whole affair takes less than an hour, but the route is arduous: straight up the mountain (3,022 feet) and back down to the center of town. Racers are chosen on a lottery basis; enter before March for a shot. Seward, AK. 907/224–8051. mmr.seward.com. Seward Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact the Seward Chamber of Commerce. 907/224–8051. www.sewardak.org.


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