Montréal: Places to Explore


  • Chinatown

    Sandwiched between Downtown and the Old City is bustling Chinatown. The center of the action is at the intersection of rue Clark and rue de la Gauchetière, where part of the street is closed to traffic... Read more

  • Côte-des-Neiges

    Not too many tourists venture north and east of Parc du Mont-Royal but the primarily residential neighborhood of Côte-des-Neiges and the Town of Mount-Royal (usually just called TMR) have much to offer... Read more

  • Downtown and the Golden Square Mile

    The heart of Downtown—with department stores, boutiques, bars, restaurants, strip clubs, amusement arcades, theaters, cinemas, art galleries, bookstores, and even a few churches—runs from avenue Atwater... Read more

  • Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

    The neighborhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is one of the best spots to go if you're craving green space, plus it has one of Montréal's best markets. In fact, it's worth the trip on the Green Line just to... Read more

  • The Islands

    The two islands just east of the city in the St. Lawrence River—Île Ste-Hélène, formed by nature, and Île Notre-Dame, created with the stone rubble excavated from the construction of Montréal's métro—are... Read more

  • Lachine

    If you want to work up an appetite for lunch—or just get some exercise—rent a bike on rue de la Commune, in Old Montréal, and ride west along the 14-km (9-mile) Lachine Canal through what used to be Montréal's... Read more

  • The Latin Quarter

    The Latin Quarter (Quartier Latin), just south of the Plateau, has been a center of student life since the 18th century, when Université de Montréal students gave the area its name, and today it continues... Read more

  • Little Italy

    Farther north is Little Italy, which is still home base to Montréal's sizable Italian community of nearly a quarter of a million people, and though families of Italian descent now live all over the greater... Read more

  • Mile End

    Bordering Outremont is the funky neighborhood of Mile End, historically home to Montréal's working-class Jewish community and now full of inexpensive, often excellent restaurants and little shops selling... Read more

  • Old Montréal (Vieux-Montréal)

    Old Montréal, which was once enclosed by thick stone walls, is the oldest part of the city. It runs roughly from the waterfront in the south to ruelle des Fortifications in the north and from rue McGill... Read more

  • Outremont

    The gentrification of the Plateau has pushed up rents and driven students, immigrant families, and single young graduates farther north, following the main thoroughfares of boulevard St-Laurent as well... Read more

  • Parc du Mont-Royal

    In geological terms, Mont-Royal is just a bump of basalt-like rock worn down by several ice ages to a mere 760 feet. But in the affections of Montrealers it's a Matterhorn. Without a trace of irony, they... Read more

  • The Plateau

    Plateau Mont-Royal—or simply the Plateau as it's more commonly called these days—is still home to a strong Portuguese community, but much of the housing originally built for factory workers has been bought... Read more

  • Rosemont

    The neighborhood of Rosemont is just east of the Plateau.... Read more

  • Town of Mount-Royal (TMR)

    The Town of Mount-Royal, has long been a primarily English, and for the most part upscale, residential area, filled with classic town houses and many parks. Just north of Outremont and south of Ville St-Laurent... Read more

  • The Village

    Often called the Gay Village, this area is the center of one of the most vibrant gay communities in the world, widely supported by residents of this proudly liberal, open-minded city. In recent years the... Read more

  • Westmount

    One of the more affluent and Anglophone residential neighborhoods in bilingual Montréal, Westmount has lovely parks for strolling, and the houses are beautiful, but there aren't many tourist sites around... Read more


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