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Enjoying Shellfish

Prince Edward Island shellfish enjoy a reputation of being among the world's best. The harvesting of these precious mollusks is apparent all along the shore: you can see fishermen in small boats raking up oysters and rows of buoys holding up lines of mussels in the bays and estuaries. Sometimes you can see the oyster beds at low tide. Sharp-edged, the oysters reach upward, waiting for the water to return so they can open and feed.

You can also find PEI shellfish on almost every menu on the Island, and the key is freshness. For oysters, that means you want them shucked after you order them. Mussels are slightly more complicated. A great Island chef once said you can cook mussels in anything but water—wine, tomato juice, beer—and chefs do get creative. To make your own, put a little liquid in the bottom of a pot, throw the mussels on top, and turn up the heat. When they open four or five minutes later, they're ready to eat (if they don't open, don't eat them).

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