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  • underground access to PATH network
  • pool open late
  • walk to Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts


  • slightly sterile
  • expensive parking and Internet
  • hotel is overwhelmingly large

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Sheraton Centre Review

Views from this hotel in the city center are marvelous—to the south are the CN Tower and the Rogers Centre; to the north, both new and old city halls. Guest rooms and suites have pillow-top mattresses, crisp linens, and cozy duvets in a neutral palate. Perhaps owing to its great size, there are plenty of places to escape: a garden with waterfalls, a 24-hour fitness center, and Toronto's largest year-round indoor-outdoor pool. Club Level rooms have bathrobes and provide access to a complimentary Continental breakfast and cocktail hour at the 43rd-floor Club Level Lounge. Quinn's, a moderately priced steak house, is attached, and lunch is served at the attached BnB restaurant. The Queen tower has more modern rooms with great views.

    Hotel Details

  • 1,302 rooms, 75 suites
  • Rate includes no meals.
  • Credit cards accepted.
Updated: 09-18-2013

Fodorite Reviews

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    Sheraton Centre Review

    Below is a letter I sent to Sheraton Corporate this morning. It speaks for itself as to my experience at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, Toronto this week. I will update my review if I receive any response to my letter to Sheraton. I have removed last names and identifying information to protect privacy of individuals. I was a guest at the Sheraton Centre Hotel from Monday, June 20-Wednesday June 22, 2011. My room number was 21XX. On Tuesday, June 21 I departed the Sheraton at approximately 7:30 AM to attend a work function and did not return to the property until almost 6:00 PM. Upon my return, I entered my room and noticed that several pieces of furniture had been moved. The nightstand on the right side of the bed was moved approximately three feet along the wall that abuts the bathroom. The chair that fit under the desk was moved toward the rear of the room against the window and the ottoman from the leather chair was moved so that it was against the bed. I was alarmed to find my room in such a condition and immediately checked my belongings that were left in the room for the day. The only item of value I left in the room for the day was an I-Pod Nano which was in a case that holds my various chargers when I travel. This case had been in my suitcase and the I-Pod was in a case within the bag along with the charger and headphones. The headphones and charger were still there but the i-pod was missing. Alarmed and concerned that I had been robbed, I immediately called guest services (around 6:00 PM) to report my findings. I was passed from one person to another three times. Finally a representative that answered the phone told me she would have Security call me back and asked me not to touch anything in the room. Within 5 minutes, Security Associate Michael XXXXX called me. I explained in detail what happened and Michael immediately began pulling the information from my door lock. He noted that I exited the room around 7:30AM and returned shortly before 6PM. He also noted that housekeeping entered the room around 9:30 AM and again after 3:00 PM. Michael told me that he would report this event and told me to visit the front desk the following morning before I departed and they would call security who would then give me an update on their investigation. I was surprised that nobody came to my room, but Michael implied that housekeeping entering the room a second time was abnormal and told me that the Housekeeping manager would call the owner of that key card at home to find out what happened. The next morning I went to the front desk at appx. 7AM. I explained to the oriental woman at the desk what had happened and told her that Michael XXXXX instructed me to talk with security before departing. The woman then called security from her phone and asked the person at the other end of the phone if they wanted to “talk to her or should I say you are too busy?” This dismayed me as the woman did not even try to mask her inclination to minimize the fact that one of the hotel guests was robbed. At the conclusion of the call I asked to speak with the manager on duty and was introduced to a woman named Abigail. Abigail began to tell me how safe the hotel is and that an investigation takes quite a while. At this point I began to become upset. First, security had no desire to see a guest room that was in disarray and robbed, then after reporting oddities in a room not one member of hotel management even attempted to contact me, and the final insult was the attitude of the front desk employee who was inclined to dismiss me. To add insult to injury, when the Security Manager, Cory XXXXX arrived at the front desk, she essentially accused me of lying. She tried to tell me that housekeeping only entered the room once on Tuesday, and said that the report mentioned that “a piece of furniture was slightly moved.” I told her that if her employee had bothered visiting my room they would have seen instead that three pieces of furniture were moved and also informed her that Michael had told me that housekeeping entered my room twice on Tuesday and noted the times. At this point Cory was taken aback and began condescending to me. She told me she was sorry I “feel like we didn’t handle this correctly” and that she was sorry I “feel like I had been robbed on their property.” Since this Security Manager, Cory XXXXX essentially called me a liar by claiming I felt like I had been robbed, and the apparent manager on duty, Abigail, allowed her to speak to me this way, I immediately ceased the discussion and walked away. Before I made it to the top of the escalator my cell phone was ringing- it was Abigail calling to apologize for the way Cory spoke to me. She told me it was inappropriate and she wanted to make things right and would I accept a $200 credit to my final bill. I explained to Abigail that my disdain was not about the value of the I-Pod but about the apathetic treatment I had received by everyone at the Sheraton since I first reported that my room had been entered. I then told Abigail that I wanted to speak with the General Manager of the hotel. Later that morning I reviewed my final bill and noticed that it was inaccurate. On Tuesday morning I ordered room service breakfast that included a small pot of coffee and a berry bowl which I recall being $10. On Wednesday morning I ordered only the small pot of coffee. These are the only charges I incurred to the account other than room & tax during my stay. My invoice reflected that on June 21 I charged $32.34 and that on June 22 I charged $11.70. Since the only difference was the berry bowl which I remembered being $10, I wondered why I was being charged over $21 additional. At approximately 2PM I received a call from someone named Tony who told me he is the hotel general manager. I told Tony how I was treated and how disappointed I was with the way his employees treated me. He apologized and told me that Abigail is a new manager and that Cory is a “good manager.” He then told me that their investigation discovered that housekeeping decided to steam clean my carpet and change my curtains on Tuesday. That is why my furniture was moved. I asked if anyone admitted to stealing my I Pod and he said that was still being investigated. I then addressed the discrepancy on my folio and told him I felt I had been overcharged for room service. Tony said he would remove the $32.34 charge. I told Tony that I did not want the charge removed but that I did want to know why I was being charged more than I should be. Tony then assured me he would call me in 1 or 2 days to discuss the investigation and that he would contact me via e mail the next day to tell me why my bill was incorrect. That was Wednesday afternoon, June 22. It is now Saturday, June 25 and the only correspondence I have had from the Sheraton Centre was an e mail from a Winnie XXXX with a copy of a revised invoice with the $32.34 room service charge removed. The explanation promised to me was never provided and I still do not know the status of the investigation into my missing I Pod. I am now at a loss. It’s very clear to me that the management at the Sheraton Centre Hotel has no concern for the safety of guests or the integrity of their paperwork. As a frequent business and personal traveler, I spend over 100 nights per year in hotels. In almost 20 years of business travel, I have never had to report to any hotel that my room was robbed or in disarray. Yet at your property I was made to feel like I was exaggerating the sense of invasion I felt and that my trepidation was unwarranted. Your security manager, the very person that is tasked with making guests feel safe and secure was rude, condescending and offensive to such a degree that the manager on duty felt the need to call me less than 90 seconds after I terminated the discussion with Cory. Understand that I expect nothing in the manner of monetary compensation or account credit. Despite the impressions that the management of the Sheraton Centre Hotel may have of me, the major source of my agitation was the indifferent and degrading response to my report of irregularities in my room their blatant disinterest in learning what happened to my I-Pod. I do, however feel that perhaps the Sheraton/Starwood Corporate office might care a little bit more about guest security and satisfaction than the management of the Sheraton Centre Hotel.

    by kendall68, 6/25/11

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