Side Trips from Toronto: Places to Explore


  • The Muskokas

    Outcroppings of pink and gray granite, drumlins of conifer and deciduous forest, and thousands of freshwater lakes formed from glaciers during the Ice Age characterize the rustic Muskoka region north of... Read more

  • Niagara Falls

  • Niagara Wine Region

    Ontarians have been growing Concord grapes for (sweet) wine in the Niagara region since the 1800s, but experiments with European Vitis vinifera species between the 1950s and 1970s led to more serious wine... Read more

  • Southern Georgian Bay

    The southern shores of Lake Huron's Georgian Bay are home to waterfront towns and beaches that are popular getaways for Torontonians in summer. Ski resorts—Blue Mountain is the most popular—draw city folk... Read more

  • Stratford

    In July 1953 Alec Guinness, one of the world's greatest actors, joined with Tyrone Guthrie, probably the world's greatest Shakespearean director, beneath a hot, stuffy tent in a quiet town about a 90-minute... Read more