Side Trips from Toronto Features


Side Trips from Toronto Features

  • Top Reasons to Go

    The Falls: Niagara Falls' amazing display of natural power is Ontario's top attraction. See them from both the U.S. and Canadian sides.... Read more

  • Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls has inspired visitors for centuries, and the allure hasn't dimmed for those who want to marvel at this natural wonder.... Read more

  • Wine Region Know-How

    Ontario may not be famed for its wines—yet—but the Niagara Peninsula alone has around 75 wineries and has been producing wine commercially since... Read more

  • Bringing the Bard to Ontario

    The origins of Stratford are modest. After the War of 1812, the British government granted a million acres of land along Lake Huron to the Canada... Read more

  • Camping in Algonquin Provincial Park

    Algonquin Provincial Park. Campgrounds, backcountry camping, and cabins are all available inside the park. Along the parkway corridor, a 56-km... Read more