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Seafood is an excellent value in Newfoundland and Labrador. Cod can be found panfried, baked, or poached; cold-water shrimp, snow crab, and lobster are also good choices. Many restaurants offer seasonal specialties with a wide variety of traditional wild and cultured species, such as steelhead trout, salmon, mussels, and sea scallops.

In July and August, Newfoundland's wild berries ripen. Partridgeberries, also called mountain cranberries, cowberries, and lingonberries (among other names), are used for pies, jams, cakes, pancakes, and in a delicious sauce for meats. Bakeapples, also known as cloudberries, look like yellow raspberries and grow on low plants in bogs. Pickers sell them by the side of the road in jars. If the ones you buy are hard, wait a few days and they'll ripen into rich-tasting fruit. The berries are great on ice cream, cheesecake, or spread on bread.

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