New Brunswick: Places to Explore



Metro Moncton is the second largest city in Atlantic Canada, after Halifax, Nova Scotia, and it's an attractive, friendly city, with several family-friendly attractions. Moncton has embraced the broadband economy and offers free Wi-Fi throughout the downtown area at any location, inside or out, as well as several other "hot spots." There's generally a lot going on here, and Moncton is known as party central because of the mammoth outdoor concerts held each summer at Magnetic Hill (the Rolling Stones attracted 90,000 fans), not to mention the city's ongoing calendar of festivals throughout the year.

A friendly, lively place, it's often called the Gateway to Acadia because of its mix of English and French and its proximity to the Acadian shore, though it also has a large Irish population and a growing Korean community. Moncton has a renovated downtown with unique shops and restaurants and such beautiful flowers that it has won national "Communities in Bloom" awards.

This city has long touted two natural attractions: the Tidal Bore and the Magnetic Hill, though you might be disappointed if you've read too much about either of them.