New Brunswick Feature


Top Reasons to Go to New Brunswick

Go whale watching: There are licensed tour operators throughout the province.

Experience Acadian culture: Visit attractions such as Le Pays de la Sagouine or Acadian Historical Village on the Acadian Coastal Drive.

Eat well: Enjoy freshly caught salmon, scallops, and lobster, fresh-picked fiddlehead ferns and dulse (seaweed), Acadian poutine (a potato dumpling with pork filling, quite unlike the Qu├ębecois dish of the same name), and buffalo steaks.

Take a hike: New Brunswick's provincial and national parks have amazing hiking trails and plenty of great spots to catch your breath and contemplate the gorgeous scenery or watch birds from an ocean cliff.

Go for a swim: New Brunswick, like the rest of Atlantic Canada, is blessed with beaches; you can choose from water that's cold or warm, fresh or salty, in expansive spaces or intimate coves.

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