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Suburban Richmond's Chinatown

Vancouver's city-center Chinatown is its "old" Chinatown, originally settled in the late 1800s, primarily by immigrants who came seeking work in the region's canneries or on the railroads. Beginning in the 1970s, however, the demographics of Vancouver's Chinese community began to change. Increasingly, the Chinese immigrants who settled in Vancouver were well-to-do professionals from Hong Kong and Taiwan, and many of these immigrants avoided the working-class downtown Chinatown, taking up residence elsewhere in the Vancouver region. In particular, the suburban community of Richmond, a suburb just south of Vancouver and home to the city's airport, became a popular destination for these new émigrés. Today, with a population that is more than 60 percent Asian, Richmond has become Vancouver's "new" Chinatown.

SkyTrain's Canada Line will take you right up to Richmond, where you can explore Asian-style shopping centers—it's almost like being in Hong Kong—and sample the vast number of restaurants serving authentic fare from across China and elsewhere in Asia.

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