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Outdoor Activities in Vancouver

Given the proximity of water to mountain or bike path to swimming pool, and the ease of getting around by bike, bus, car, ferry, or even in-line skates, it's definitely possible to undertake two or more outdoor activities in a single day. Cross-trainers, this is the place for you.

If you're going to multitask, though, it's a good idea to plan ahead, and if you need to rent equipment, do so in advance. In the interest of making the most of your time, and ensuring your safety, download maps and other descriptive information you may need. If you're venturing off the beaten path, be sure you're dressed suitably, have emergency food and gear, and leave notification of where you're headed and when you'll return.

And you're off. The possibilities are almost endless, but here are some pointers for combining activities:

Kayaking in False Creek: The waters are usually tranquil in early morning so it's a good time to savor the pleasures of traveling at sea level.

Jogging around Stanley Park: Early-morning joggers have the seawall pretty much to themselves.

Swimming in Kitsilano Pool: Early morning is considered by many to be the best time to hit the lanes at the heated saltwater pool.

Cycling the Greenway: By midmorning, all but the city's major arterial streets should be relatively calm. This may be the time to cycle the network of bicycle routes.

Fishing or wildlife-watching: In all but the worst weather, you can rent a boat for a few hours spent in pursuit of salmon, or join a tour in search of whales, sea lions, or eagles.

Tennis or beach volleyball: Late afternoon is a good time to head to Kitsilano Beach for a volleyball game, or to Stanley Park, or one of the other 180 tennis courts in Vancouver, for a game of tennis.

Golf at Fraserview: A warm summer evening is the ideal time to golf at the most celebrated of the city's three public golf courses—all of which lie on the city's south-facing slope.

Night skiing at Grouse: On a crisp winter night, there's no better place to be than on the slopes of Grouse Mountain. The canopy of stars will glitter, while below, the city dazzles.

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