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Scuba Diving

The reefs around Contadora have much less coral than you find in the Caribbean, but you can see a lot of fish there, some of which gather in big schools. Isla Pachequilla is one of the area's best dive spots, where you might see rays, moray eels, white-tipped reef sharks, and large schools of jacks. The only problem is visibility, which averages 15 to 30 feet, but sometimes tops 45 feet, especially from June to August, though there is less marine life in the area then. The best diving is in December and January, when there is decent visibility and large numbers of fish; the worst visibility is from February to April.

Coral Dreams. Coral Dreams offers scuba diving at various dive spots, as well as certification courses and snorkeling excursions. Main road, across from airstrip, Isla Contadora. 507/6536–1776.


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