The Canal and Central Panama Travel Guide


Photo of The Canal and Central Panama Photo: Burak Demir/iStockphoto

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The Panama Canal bisects the country just to the west of Panama City, which enjoys excellent views of the monumental waterway. Between the canal and the rain forest that covers its islands, banks, and adjacent national parks, there is enough to see and do to fill several days.


The Canal and Central Panama Hotels

The accommodations in Central Panama range from big resorts to colorful bungalows in stunning natural surroundings. The... read more

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The Canal and Central Panama Restaurants

Though Central Panama's restaurant selection is neither as impressive nor as varied as Panama City's, the region has some... read more

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The Canal and Central Panama Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    The Panama Canal: History, technology, and nature combine like nowhere else in the world at the Panama Canal. The most popular... Read more

  • A Bit of History

    Nearly all Panama's history took place here in Central Panama, where the country is a mere 50 miles across. This was a vital link between... Read more

  • Building the Panama Canal

    Nearly a century after its completion, the Panama Canal remains an impressive feat of engineering. It took the U.S. government more than a... Read more

  • Interoceanic Jungle

    An almost continuous belt of forest stretches between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in Central Panama, where separate swaths of... Read more

  • The Harpy Eagle

    The harpy eagle, Panama's national bird, is an impressive creature, with a beak the size of a jackknife, talons as long as a grizzly... Read more


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