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Bahía Piñas

Nestled in the southwest corner of the Darién, just north of the Jaque River, lies remote and beautiful Bahía Piñas, a deep bay with a rocky coastline, where mountains are covered with virgin rain forest and the aquamarine sea teems with an array of marine life. In fact, it's the marine life that draws most people to Piñas Bay, since the quality of its fishing is legendary, with more than 250 world fishing records set in the surrounding waters. Zane Grey fished in the area in the 1950s, and John Wayne and Lee Marvin hooked plenty of billfish here in the '60s. Since then, thousands of anglers have followed in their wake, heading out to Zane Grey Reef in search of sailfish and blue, black, and striped marlin. The Tropic Star Lodge, in Bahía Piñas, provides convenient access to some of the best sport fishing in the world.


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