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Achutupo, or Isla Perro in Spanish, is a medium-size community on an island near the mainland in the eastern half of Guna Yala. Because this is the most distant area that you can visit in Guna Yala, it's a good destination if you're especially interested in Guna culture. The people on Achutupo and nearby Aligandi see few tourists, and offer handicrafts of a higher quality than you'll find on the province's western end. There are several uninhabited islands and plenty of coral near Achutupo, which means it's also a good area for beaches and snorkeling. It's also possible to hike into the rain forest to a waterfall on the mainland (bring insect repellent). A tour to the local burial ground is another interesting option, especially early in the morning, when you may see Guna women leaving gifts of food for their ancestors.


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