Surfing in Playa Santa Catalina



Isla Cebaco. An excellent alternative to the coastal breaks is Isla Cebaco, a 90-minute boat ride from Santa Catalina, which has both a beach break and point break. Playa Santa Catalina.

La Punta. Santa Catalina's legendary point break, known simply as La Punta, is one of the country's best. The waves break over a rock platform in front of a point just east of town, forming both lefts and rights, though the rights are more hollow and longer. It is best surfed from mid- to high tide and usually needs a four- to five-foot swell to break. When a good swell rolls in, the faces can get as big as 15 to 20 feet. Playa Santa Catalina.

Panama Surf Tours. Panama Surf Tours offers five- and eight-day surf packages that include a guide and transportation to and from Playa Santa Catalina. The company also offers lessons and surf tours in other parts of Panama. Playa Santa Catalina. 507/6671–7777.

Playa Santa Catalina. An easier alternative to La Punta is the nearby beach break at Playa Santa Catalina, which is usually smaller and less treacherous. Playa Santa Catalina.

Punta Brava. If La Punta is too small or crowded, a 30-minute hike west of town takes you to Punta Brava, where a fast left tubes over a rocky bottom. The waves here are often bigger than at La Punta, but it can only be surfed from low to mid-tide. Playa Santa Catalina.

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