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Catch-and-release fishing is permitted inside Coiba National Park, but the fishing is just as good outside the park. Blue marlin, black marlin, and Pacific sailfish run here in significant numbers from December to April, with January to March being the peak months. The area also holds legions of wahoo, dolphin (mahimahi), and tuna, which often run bigger than 200 pounds. The fishing is less spectacular from April to December, but there are still plenty of roosterfish, mackerel, amberjack, snapper, and grouper. Some of the area's best fishing is around Isla Montousa and the Hannibal Banks, 65 to 80 km (40 to 50 miles) west of Isla Coiba. The sea south of Isla Jicarón and Isla Jicarita, 10 km (7 miles) south of Isla Coiba, also has good fishing.

Coiba Adventure Sport Fishing. Captain Tom Yust's Coiba Adventure Sportfishing runs fishing tours around Isla Coiba on a 31-foot Bertram, or a 22-foot Mako, with overnights at the ANAM cabins. 800/800–0907 in U.S.

Panama Yacht Tours. Panama Yacht Tours, based in Panama City, offers fishing tours to the waters around Isla Coiba with overnighters at the ANAM cabins or land-based stays at more upscale lodges in Santa Catalina. 507/6614–1114.

Pesca Panama. Pesca Panama offers one-week fishing tours to the waters west of Isla Coiba with overnights on a barge near David. 800/946–3474.


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