Surfing in Golfo de Chiriquí Islands



The Golfo de Chiriquí has some undervisited, remote surf breaks. Surfing is best from June to December when waves consistently break overhead, and faces sometimes reach 20 feet.

Emily. The most convenient wave for guests at the Morro Negrito Surf Camp is Emily, a left that breaks over the reef right in front of the camp. Isla Ensenada.

Nestles. Advanced surfers enjoy the rush of Nestles, a big reef break in front of Isla Silva de Afuera. Isla Silva de Afuera.

P Land. Intermediate and advanced surfers enjoy P Land, a left reef break on Isla Silva de Afuera, year-round. Isla Silva de Afuera.

The Point. The most impressive wave in the gulf is The Point, a tubular reef break that has surfers booking several weeks at the Morro Negrito Surf Camp year after year. Isla Ensenada.

The Sandbar. This long break, which has both lefts and rights, is popular with intermediate surfers and beginners. Isla Silva de Afuera.

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