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Boquete is a great place for hiking, with countless farm roads and footpaths in and around the valley.

Bajo Mono. The Bajo Mono area, near Alto Quiel, has shorter trails into the park that can be explored in a matter of hours. The Pipeline Road, a dirt track that heads off the main road to the left, leads into a forested canyon with a waterfall. The Sendero Culebra trailhead is on the right from the road to Alto Chiquiero about 1.4 km from the Bajo Mono road. Boquete.

Sendero Los Quetzales. The most popular area hike is the 9-km (5-mi) Sendero Los Quetzales. Cerro Punta.

Volcán Barú. The summit hike to Volcán Barú in Parque Nacional Volcán Barú is a popular area excursion but more demanding than the Sendero Los Quetzales. The weather can change drastically within minutes near the top, where it freezes regularly during the dry season—hypothermia is a real risk if you're caught in a storm. Boquete.




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