Bocas del Toro Archipelago Travel Guide

Bus and Taxi Travel

Bus and Taxi Travel

Transporte Boca del Drago has two shuttle vans that travel the length of Isla Colón, from Bocas del Toro to Bocas del Drago, five times daily on weekdays. The cost is $4 per person. Share taxis run up and down Bocas's main streets, charging $1 for most trips in town.

Bocas del Toro can be reached from Panama City by land and water. The direct bus from Panama City to Almirante (and vice versa) takes eight hours but is comfortable and costs $30. If you're in Chiriquí you can bus or taxi from David or Boquete to Almirante (3½ hours), where water taxis depart for Bocas every half-hour.

Buses to David depart from Almirante every half-hour from the bus station on the other side of the train tracks from the water-taxi offices and charge $7. Unfortunately, Almirante is a 20-minute walk from the main road that connects David to Changuinola, and buses stop only at a crossroads on the main road. Although it is possible to walk from the water taxi to the crossroads, most travelers find it difficult to locate; it is best to take a taxi to the crossroads for $.50. To catch a bus to Changuinola, head to the bus station in Almirante.

Boquete-based taxi driver Daniel Higgins provides transportation between Boquete and Almirante for $150. Caribe Shuttle offers daily transportation between the Southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica (Puerto Viejo/Manzanillo/Cahuita) and Bocas del Toro. The $36 rate includes hotel pickup and the 30-minute boat trip to Isla Colon.


Almirante Bus (507/774–0585.)

Caribe Shuttle (507/6092–8599.

Daniel Higgins (507/6617–0570.)

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