Surfing in Isla Carenero



The left reef break on the northeast side of Carenero is popular, because it is the closest break to Bocas and can be reached by an inexpensive, five-minute boat ride. There is also a small beach break on the northern end of the island for less experienced surfers.

Laguna Bocatorito

Sheltered between the islands and the mainland on the southern end of the gulf is Laguna Bocatorito, a large lagoon frequented by schools of bottlenose dolphins. Hidden behind a mess of mangrove islets, it is a lovely area where the cetaceans play in tranquil waters. Independent boatmen and tour operators in Bocas include a quick visit to Bocatorito in day tours to the archipelago's other attractions, often referring to it as "Dolphin Bay." There is no guarantee you'll see dolphins, but most people do; they're more abundant from December to March and June to August.

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