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Bocas del Toro


Bocas is a short boat ride from the breaks on Islas Colón, Carenero, and Bastimentos, which makes it a great base for surfers.

Azucar Surf. Azucar Surf offers board rentals and surf lessons, as well as boat charters for groups of one to six people to the best spots around the islands. It also runs "girls only" surf packages. Av. Norte, at Calle 6, Bocas del Toro. 507/6491–2595.

Mondo Taitu. Mondo Taitu, a hostel on the north side of town, rents surfboards. Av. G, at Calle 5, Bocas del Toro. 507/757–9425.

Tropix. Surf shop Tropix is a good place to get advice, wax, or a board. Calle 3, across from Parque Simón Bolívar, Bocas del Toro. 507/757–9415.

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