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Yucatán State has around 8,500 hotel rooms—a little over a third of what Cancún has. Try to check out the interior before booking a room, as the public spaces in Mérida's hotels are generally better kept than the sleeping rooms. Most hotels have air-conditioning, and even many budget hotels have installed it in at least some rooms—but it's best to ask ahead.

If you plan to spend most of your time enjoying downtown Mérida, stay near the main square or along Calle 60. If you're a light sleeper, however, opt for one of the high-rises along or near Paseo Montejo, about a 20-minute stroll (but an easy cab ride) from the main square.

Inland towns such as Valladolid and Ticul are good options for a look at the slow-paced countryside. There are several charming hotels near the major archaeological sites Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, and a growing number of small beachfront hotels in Progreso, which previously had only a couple of foreign-run bed-and-breakfasts. Campeche City has a few interesting lodgings converted from old homes (and in some cases mansions), as well as newer, large hotels along the malecón (boardwalk). These are mostly aimed at business travelers.

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