Yucatán and Campeche States Features


Yucatán and Campeche States Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to the Yucatán and Campeche States

    Visiting spectacular Mayan ruins: Chichén Itzá and Uxmal are two of the largest, most beautiful sites in the region.... Read more

  • Yucatán Cuisine

    Chefs in Mexico skillfully combine ingredients and techniques from the New World and Old, but the cuisines here vary dramatically from region... Read more

  • Yucatán's History

    Francisco de Montejo's conquest of Yucatán took three gruesome wars over a total of 24 years. "Nowhere in all America was resistance to Spanish... Read more

  • Bird-Watching in Yucatán

    Rise before the sun and head for shallow water to see flamingos engrossed in an intricate mating dance. From late winter into spring, thousands... Read more

  • Hamacas: A Primer

    Yucatecan artisans are known for creating some of the finest hamacas, or hammocks, in the country. For the most part, the shops of Mérida are... Read more

  • Sacred Cenotes

    To the ancient (and tradition-bound modern) Maya, holes in the ground—be they sinkholes, cenotes, or caves—are considered conduits to the world... Read more

  • Campeche's History

    Campeche City's gulf location played a pivotal role in its history. Ah-Kim-Pech (Mayan for "lord of the serpent tick," from which the name Campeche... Read more