Veracruz: Places to Explore


  • Coatepec

    The air is cool and refreshing in Coatepec. Residents call their town the capital mundial del café (coffee capital of the world), as the climate is perfect for growing the sought-after altura pluma...

  • Costa Esmeralda (Emerald Coast)

    Covering 35 km (23 mi) of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico between Nautla and Papantla, Costa Esmeralda's clean wide beaches and calm waters are popular with beachgoers and fishermen alike. Here...

  • El Tajín

  • La Antigua

    This sleepy village was the conquistadors' capital for 75 years. It was given its name ("The Old Town") when the Spaniards abandoned it in 1599, upon founding Veracruz City. A small community...

  • Papantla

    Set on a steep hillside, Papantla is in the center of a vanilla-producing region. Products made from that particular bean, from candies to liqueurs, are sold everywhere; a big vanilla festival...

  • Tlacotalpan

    The name Tlacotalpan is of Nahuatl origin and means "in the middle of the earth," referring to the settlement's location on what was then an island. Once a prosperous port city, Tlacotalpan, now...

  • Tuxpan

    A peaceful riverside town with a tangle of twisting streets, Tuxpan—almost as often referred to as Tuxpam—is a pleasant place to stop if you're driving along the coast. In the evening you'll...

  • Veracruz City

    The lively port city of Veracruz, 345 km (214 mi) east of Mexico City, might not be the city that never sleeps, but it is a city that gets barely any rest. People listen to music in the squares until...

  • Xalapa

    A ceremonial center for the Aztec when Cortés swept through the region, Xalapa is still a city of great importance. Take one look at the impressive Palacio de Gobierno and you know this is a...

  • Xico

    If you close your eyes and try to imagine the ideal Mexican small town, you'd probably come up with something surprisingly close to Xico. In many ways this village seems untouched by time: donkeys...


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