The Copper Canyon Places


Chihuahua City

Getting Here and Around

Several airlines have daily direct flights to Chihuahua (CUU). American Eagle flies twice daily from Dallas. Continental Express flies daily from Houston. Aeroméxico Connect flies daily from Los Angeles. Aeroméxico and Interjet connect with all major Mexican destinations. The 20-minute taxi ride downtown costs less than $20. Most U.S. visitors drive to Chihuahua via Carretera 45 (Federal Highway 45). The trip from Ciudad Juárez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas, is about 375 km (233 mi). Parking can be hard to come by. Taxis are safe and can be flagged from anywhere.

Omnibus de México lines run clean, air-conditioned, first-class buses from Ciudad Juárez to Chihuahua City. The intercity bus station is inconveniently located on the ring highway called the Periférico. Getting downtown requires a 10-minute cab ride or a 40-minute journey on Circumvalación 2, a bus that drops you a block from the station. (Look for the ominous 1898 state penitentiary—you can't miss it. The station is on the other side.) Grupo Estrella Blanca bus lines, which includes Chihuahuense and Elite, connects Chihuahua City and Creel.