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San Miguel de Allende


Yoga is popular in San Miguel, and there are many opportunities to practice; most classes are bilingual. Here are a few studios and their approaches.

Centro de Yoga Shakti features vinyasa style classes run by Tanya Kawan, who trained with Rodney Yee at Kripalu. Ancha de San Antonio 7, San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, 37700. 044415/113-7061.

Yoga with Anabel offers hatha yoga in an eclectic style. Bellas Artes, Hernandez Macias 75, El Centro, San Miguel de Allende, 37700. 415/152-8129.

Yoga the Iyengar Way Terraplen 34, El Centro, San Miguel de Allende, 37700. 415/120-0767.

is a good bet for getting in a solid Iyengar session.

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